Marching Band Program



Tradition and musicianship are two of the finest elements in a marching band, forming an artistic composition— allowing imaginative self-expression that can become a life-changing experience for students. We send a message to all—of a future where young people are high-spirited, healthy, confident and capable. For the last 15 years, Kings of New York has focused on the development of our youth through our proven Four Pillar structure that jolts the hidden motivation of our students—empowering them to go beyond.



Helping each individual student pass—we are serious about 100% results


We teach our students to compete, learn and encounter the necessary elements needed to achieve prominence.


The marching band is an art, teaching the ability to read and play music while executing choreography, marching and drills. Strengthening discipline, focus, teamwork and leadership.


Displaying a strong character to perform in front of a large audience is the right we empower our students with—through their academic achievements.

The Soul Tigers Music & Arts Program aka Kings of New York is committed to youth developmental achievements and music education – with significant accomplishments despite a constrained budget. The mainstream media that had attracted the attention of several philanthropists – whose enthusiasm for the organization’s mission was exemplary – have highlighted these accomplishments. This helped us form the foundation of noble partnerships. One such notable relationship is with iconic business personalities and philanthropists Suzy and Jack Welch.

Televised and Documented Reports Covered by:
• WNBC-4’s 6 o’clock News
• WABC-7’s “Above and Beyond”
• FOX-5’s “Teen Kids News
• WPIX-11’s “Help Me Howard”
• Video Music Box
• Glamour Magazine and Tommy Hilfiger

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